Amazon Web Services has released this week a GPU cloud instance named G2. This GPU has the same processing power of a Nvidia GTX 680. On Amazon market place there are a few ready made solutions. Based on Linus or Windows Server, including Nviadia drivers, and the specific software to perform different tasks online. Architects can use this GPU instance as a remote desktop, running Revit, 3D Max, or the real time rendering solutions, such as Octane or even V-ray. Prices will vary, but will be typically around 0.3 to 1 USD, depending on the software and the upront payment to Amazon.

We will cover the marketplace solutions that benefit from this GPU cloud computer on a separate post. Meanwhile here are the specifications of the G2 instance:

"G2 instances provide access to NVIDIA GRID GPUs (“Kepler” GK104) each with 1,536 CUDA cores and 4GB of video memory. This GPU also features an on-board hardware video encoder designed to support up to eight real-time HD video streams (720p@30fps) or up to four real-time FHD video streams (1080p at 30 fps). The initial driver release provides support for OpenGL 4.3, DirectX 9, 10, and 11, CUDA 5.5, OpenCL 1.1, and GRID SDK. The GRID SDK provides low-level access to the capture and encoding capabilities of GRID GPUs. Combined with the hardware resources of G2 instances, the GRID SDK enables low-latency frame capture and encoding for either the full operating system or select render targets, enabling high-quality interactive streaming experiences."