miso font

Miso font is a mono-stroke typeface created in 2006 by the swedish architect Mårten Nettelbladt.

We guess the name Miso (M+Iso) expresses the origin of the font: Mårtens personal interpretation of the front from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 3098-0:1997). ISO fonts have been for many years used in CAD standards and in the rotring lettering stencil (for those that are old enough to remember the time where drawings were done by hand).

The font is narrower than the standard iso font. The result is a clean, well proportioned, and easy to read typeface, ready to be used in architectural drawing annotation text.

The typeface is available in five sizes: Skinny (extra light), Light, Miso (regular), Bold, and Chunky (extra heavy). Three of those sizes (Light, Miso and Bold) are available for free. The other two sizes (Skinny and Chunky) are sold for 10 USD each.

The free versions of the font (shown on the image above) can be downloaded on the link below.