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Licensing options

Subscribing to Archigrafix products allows you flexibility to choose the access type that works best for your business. We offer two types of access, desktop and multi-user, with their own associated license types.

Desktop licenses

Desktop access is a good choice for organizations that need one or more stand-alone licenses. DEsktop licenses are then assigned to individual computers. We offer two types of desktop licenses, perpetual and subscriptions.

Perpetual licenses are non-expiring and include 1 year of support and upgrades. Subscription licenses are ongoing licenses, typicaly with a duration of 1 year, and include support and upgrades.

Desktop license allows you to use a single serial number to run one Archigrafix product on a specific computer. A license can be moved to another computer by unninstalling and installing in the new computer with the serial number. In case the license cannot any longer be unninstalled on a computer it is possible in the My Licenses section to manually release from the assigned computer, making it available to install on a new computer.

Stand-alone licenses require an internet connection to activate or use.



Floating Licenses

A subscription with multi-user access is a good choice for teams of users, allowing the use of Archigrafix products up to a maximum number of users, or seats, connected to a server network (fixed IP). Network licenses are shared, so individuals do not need to be assigned access.

The products can be installed on as many devices as you want, but you can use the product simultaneously only on the number of purchased seats. For example, if you have 6 subscription seats and 8 users, all users have access, but only 6 can use the product at any one time. Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of seats purchased, you get true floating licenses across your organization.

Network licenses require an internet connection with fixed IP to activate or use. The licensing server is in the cloud. Once the network internet IP has changes the licensed must be updated with the new IP. That is performed in the My Licenses section, by clicking on Renew IP button.