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Archigrafix Revit Trees

The Challenge

Because architects need to produce project documentation for efficiently, integrating more information into their projects, BIM is becoming a norm as a tool. A larger number of large offices already use Revit but the majority of architects is stil migrating to this platform.

Migrating to Revit has several graphical challenges for architects as content as to be redone. To do this efficiently, native revit families have to be produced to ensure full compatibility and avoid using outdated CAD blocks.

Why Archigrafix Revit Trees

Archigrafix created a large volume of revit trees to cover all possible botanical species.

They teamed with Amazon Web Services to provide the content worldwide using local servers, ensuring that users can download the revit content fast and error free.

The Benefits

Revit tree families need to interact with the main Revit model in a efficient manner, yet look complex and natural. As part of this evalution archigrafix trees are technically optimized to have the smallest size possible, with the fewest formulas possible, to ensure that your model is responsive and light.

They also need to be practical to use by architects. - The features most loved by our users are realistic shadows over the terrain and buildings.